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Marjanne van Loon

DirectieEmployment MediatorManagementMediator in International Organisations

Marjanne van Loon, experienced employment mediator with an international background.

Marjanne van Loon, mediator with a strong business background and eye for the human story

  • Empathetic and curious
  • Pragmatic and solution-oriented
  • Interested in the human story

Marjanne van Loon has held various managerial, HR and international positions in the business world for over 18 years. This broad experience showed her that the best solution is a solution you find together, based on the strength and possibilities of each person. Marjanne is now an MFN registry mediator and works at the headquarters of Result Mediation in Weesp. She is a specialist in the field of reintegration, labor law and other relevant topics related to employment relations.  Marjanne is convinced that conflict situations can be resolved well when an open discussion is held under the direction of a mediator. As a labor mediator she is active in the Hague and is experienced with group meditations.

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Marjanne van Loon

Marjanne van Loon speaking

Interpersonal conflicts are common. Not only in the smaller things in life, but also, for example, in important collaborations between employers and employees or colleagues. When you sit down for a conversation in which there is room for the story and the emotions of both parties, a solution is often closer than you think. I see mediation as an opportunity to have a good conversation in a safe environment. But I see it above all as a process in which all parties can be seen and heard. As a mediator, I supervise this process and ensure that everything that is important is brought to the table, so that it becomes clear what is considered most important for both parties. In this way, mediation offers the opportunity to arrive at the best possible solution together that works for both parties. Now and in the future. I think it is important that there is room for everyone’s story. How did the parties end up in this situation? What does it do to them? What needs to be solved? Due to my business background and attention to the human side of the story, I am able to bring structure and a certain calmness to my mediations. This helps parties to arrive at a solution that they will not regret later. It is important that parties say what needs to be said and are willing to open up, so that they can really work on finding a solution. If they have clear for themselves what is important to them and where the concerns are, the answer is often much closer.

Experiences & specializations

As a mediator since 2017 I have successfully completed more than 250 mediations

  • Difference of opinion about the performance of an employee
  • Mediation in an international company on the changes of tasks and responsibilities
  • Conflict between two brothers in a family business
  • Conflict over terms of employment
  • Problems in the cooperation of the Partnership and the employees
  • Termination of employment.
As an experienced mediator I recognize the importance for both parties to be heard Marjanne van Loon

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