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Our arbitrators and advisors

Our arbitrators and advisors

In arbitration, a binding opinion concerning a dispute is given by an impartial person. In this respect, it’s similar to going to court. Except that it usually goes faster: The procedure can be tailored to the situation, and an arbitrator is selected for the specific dispute. That’s why it’s a good way to get a dispute decided without having to endure a protracted, sprawling process. A binding or other opinion can be requested as well.

Expert arbitrators and advisors

Our arbitrators and advisors are current and former district court and appellate judges, former lawyers, professors and other authoritative legal experts.

Get your conflict resolved? With arbitration you prevent a lengthy process.

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Our arbitrators and advisors

mr. N.C.H. Blankevoort
prof. mr. Gr. van der Burght
mr. J.B.A.M. Groenendaal
mr. W.F. Korthals Altes
mr. E. Loesberg
Mevrouw mr. M. Melissen
mr. E. Pennink


mr. B.C. Punt
Mevrouw mr. Anne van der Putt-Lauwers
prof. dr. B.J. Schueler
Mevrouw mr. M.E.B. Terwee
mr. P.L.M. Hustinx
mr. ir. L.P. Korstanje
mr. P. de Wit
Erik Lopes Cardozo

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