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Company overview

Established in 1998, Result Mediation has established itself as leader in the field of mediation, training and conflict management solutions. After more than 18 years of experience in the field of workplace conflict resolution and successfully mediating more than 10.000 workplace conflicts one thing has become increasingly apparent to us:  there is a large need for improving the conflict management skills of people in organizations.

Poorly managed conflict creates enormous costs in the form of wasted management time, higher staff turnover, lower productivity and sometimes lawsuits. When people are engaged in destructive conflict, they begin to pull back, stop sharing information, and take fewer risks. The result can be poorer-quality decision making, lowered morale and strained working relationships that can cause stress and sap employees’ energy to focus on being creative and productive.

Sharing mediation knowledge

Mediation should be looked at more often as a method for resolving disputes. That’s why we gladly share our knowledge with people who specialize in mediation or who themselves want to negotiate more effectively and manage conflicts better within their companies or organizations. Besides giving courses and training, we arrange inspiring presentations by speakers from the Netherlands and other countries. For more information, please see our training calendar.

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Conflict unaddressed leads to escalation

If you try to avoid conflict, it will not go away; it will just fester. If you do not systematically address the way in which your organization deals with conflict, the related costs will continue to rise. We provide a large scope of solutions to enable organizations to become conflict competent. We provide training and facilitation services as well as mediation.

Result Mediation is your partner in preventing and resolving workplace conflict. We resolve current situations and prevent new ones by changing the behavior of those involved. This means that within your organization less energy will be wasted towards negativity. Instead, the power of friction will be harnessed and used to create new ideas and possibilities.

Our trainers, facilitators and mediators know what it means to operate within organizations, profit or non-profit.  They know the challenges and possibilities that arise when people from different cultures and with different views and mandates work together.

Commitment to results and customer satisfaction

In order to meet our stated goal of making organizations and people conflict competent we focus and measure concrete results for both parties. In more than 90% of our mediation cases we are able to realize an agreed upon successful outcome for both parties. We are proud of our client satisfaction score of 4.3 (out of 5) stars– a score which indeed keeps challenging us to continuously improve and professionalize our services.

Our history

Mr. Jan Goossens establishes Mediation Center

Mr. Jan Goossens establishes Mediation Center - specialized in resolving labor disputes - in Rotterdam. Jan is also the first chairman of the Netherlands Mediation Institute, the predecessor of the MfN.

Start Vocational Training Mediation

Result Mediation takes over the Vocational Training Mediation from Van der Hoeven Nelissen and the 2,000th participant succeeds.

Moving to Weesp

Result Mediation is moving to our new location in Weesp.

Giving back

Result Mediation believes that what we teach in this training is particularly pertinent in certain parts of the world where being able to deal constructively with conflict can actually save lives. That is why, through our giving program, we train a selected group of individuals in a post-conflict area on a pro bono-basis. In June 2018, Felix Merks and Elsbeth Snieders trained a group of politicians in Georgia.

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