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Mediation in international organizations

If you try to avoid conflict, it will not go away; it will just fester.

Mediation in international organizations

After more than 18 years of experience in the field of workplace conflict resolution and successfully mediating more than 10.000 workplace conflicts one thing has become increasingly apparent to us:  there is a large need for improving the conflict management skills of people in organizations.

Poorly managed conflict creates enormous costs in the form of wasted management time, higher turnover, lower productivity and sometimes lawsuits. When people are engaged in destructive conflict, they begin to pull back, stop sharing information, and take fewer risks. The result can be poorer-quality decision making, lowered morale and strained working relationships that can cause stress and sap employees’ energy to focus on being creative and productive.

It doesn’t go away by itself…

If you try to avoid conflict, it will not go away; it will just fester. If you do not systematically address the way in which your organization deals with conflict, the related costs will continue to rise.

So, what can be done about workplace conflict?

We at Result Mediation are your partner in preventing and resolving workplace conflict. We resolve current situations and prevent new ones by changing the behavior of those involved. This means that within your organization less energy will be wasted towards negativity. Instead, the power of friction will be harnessed and used to create new ideas and possibilities.

Our trainers, facilitators and mediators know what it means to operate within an international organization, profit or non-profit.  They know the challenges and possibilities that arise when people from different cultures and with different views and mandates work together.

Felix Merks

Felix Merks is Director of Result Mediation, the largest Mediation provider in the Netherlands and member of JAMS International. Felix is an experienced mediator, trainer, and consultant in complex negotiations. He is Master of Dispute Resolution (University of Amsterdam, cum laude) and has been educated as a trainer in negotiation strategy and skills at Harvard Law School.

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