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Corporate Diplomacy Program – Short Track

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Corporate Diplomacy Program – Short Track

Next to the in-house program of 2 ½ to 3 days, we have designed a 3-hour workshop as in introduction to the longer program. The workshop high-lights the three key areas of expertise negotiation competencies, conflict resolution/management competencies and intercultural and contextual competencies.


The workshop is designed as a pressure-cooker experience, meaning that in a short time span the three key competencies and key-messages are introduced, experienced and reflected upon. The goal is to start using personal skills and competencies in an integrated and holistic manner.


To demonstrate the added-value of the larger program in short-track workshop format.


Staff responsible for management and talent development, and line-management interested in team-building interventions.


With a skeleton framework of theory, participants are asked to actively look at and work with their personal competencies in the three mentioned key areas and to do this in an integrated manner.


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Feel free to contact our course coordinator Iris Ydema: +31 (0)20 – 205 02 39
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