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Group mediation

Dispute resolution in a broader context trough group mediation

Assessing the situationGenerating options (alternatives)Concluding by making agreements (binding or otherwise)

Dispute resolution in a broader context

Through group mediation, dispute resolution within a company is dealt with in a broader context. During the group mediation, goals are set for the end result, and support is given to the participants by clarifying the dispute in a structured way. In practice, this usually involves improving cooperation, increasing trust and ensuring a constructive, joint future.


  1. assessing the situation;
  2. generating options (alternatives);
  3. concluding by making agreements.

Get your conflict resolved? Group mediation addresses your conflict in a broader context.

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Group mediation

Group mediation approach

The group mediation approach consists of the following three steps:

  1. assessing the situation: finding out the different parties’ perceptions, and listing, addressing and fleshing out the points which need to be agreed on;
  2. generating options (alternatives);
  3. concluding by making agreements (binding or otherwise).

Depending on the size of the group and the number of interactions, Result Mediators uses two mediators for group mediations. Attention is thereby given to the process and substance in a balanced way.

Voluntary participation

As with all other types of mediation, participation in a group mediation is voluntary. We try to speak with the individual participants before the mediation. During these preliminary meetings, which last about a half hour, the group mediation options are explained and the critical topics for discussion are identified. The first group meeting can therefore begin efficiently.

Large groups

For group mediations with large groups (more than 12 participants), the best way to approach the mediation is discussed with the mediator(s) beforehand. For example, if practical and necessary, partial mediation (meetings with a portion of the group) may be organised.

Confidentiality and feedback

Agreements on confidentiality are made with group. Feedback is given to the client based on this. Generally, feedback is provided on the main substantive elements: the issues examined and the outcomes. The personal interventions in the group mediation remain confidential.

Group mediation facilities

All the necessary facilities (flip-over charts, whiteboards, projectors, coffee, tea and water) are present at the meeting locations. If the group mediation occurs on site at the client, the client will, in consultation, take care of the facilities. The arrangement of the meeting room is especially important: We make sure that the participants can see each other, with the mediators positioned appropriately. We also ensure, of course, that the participants have been properly informed in advance.

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