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Negotiation support

Negotiation support by professionals

In assisting in negotiations, Result Mediation’s professionals can provide support to you and your organisation in several ways.

Conflict analysis

Disputes often unnecessarily entail a lot of time, money and energy. The primary reason is that there hasn’t been a proper conflict analysis. Result Mediation discusses what’s really going on with the parties concerned. The right approach – mediation, arbitration, a binding opinion or a combination thereof – can then be selected in joint consultation. A proper conflict analysis enables the parties to make the right choice for resolving a dispute effectively.

Assistance with settlement negotiations

Difficult, complicated settlement negotiations are more likely to succeed if a neutral professional is guiding them. This type of negotiation is often used as a last resort to avoid a lawsuit or if a lawsuit has already been filed.

Customised dispute resolution

This is a type of mediation which is utilised in a commercial, legal context. Through ‘shuttle diplomacy’, the mutual interests and opportunities are identified and compared during separate meetings with the parties, represented by their lawyers. Further, with customised dispute resolution, a separate advisor may be engaged to break a legal deadlock.

Negotiation advice

Result Mediation’s professionals are negotiation experts. They’re happy to give you negotiation advice or to act as a professional negotiator on behalf of one of the parties.

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