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Sincerely involved

Since 1998 we have been trying to make the world a better place by helping resolve and prevent conflicts. We bring people into conversation again, we advise, we train and we mediate.

We enable people and organizations to grow conflict-capable by harnessing the power of conflict: improving mutual understanding makes cooperation effective. This reinforces the innovative power of organizations and reduces absenteeism.

Welcome to Result Mediation.

This is our method

Step 1Analysis by a mediator

When you approach us with a business dispute, our case management will put you in contact with a mediator. The mediator will contact you and the other parties involved to analyze the situation. The mediator maps out who is involved, what is going on and what has happened so far.

Business disputes include:
  - Problems between shareholders or directors and shareholders
  - Disputes about the implementation of a contract between legal entities
  - Problems in a partnership

Step 3Check support and mandate

In a business dispute with major interests, it is essential that all interested parties are involved (to the extent necessary) and that there is sufficient mandate on all sides to come to solutions. The mediator discusses this with the parties involved.

Step 5Recording result

The result of the mediation is recorded in a settlement agreement. Depending on the type of agreements, these can be ratified in an even more formal form (notarial deed, judgment).

Step 2Process proposal and quotation

As a result of the analysis, the mediator makes a process proposal and the corresponding offer. After approval, the process starts. When many stakeholders are involved, multiple mediators can be put forward. Various options can be offered in the process proposal.

Step 4Movement and creativity

When a situation is stuck, the mediator will look for movement with you and the other people involved. This requires an effort and creativity from all involved. New options arise from this process. The mediator checks with you whether there are acceptable options for both parties and negotiates the result.

Step 6Pre-court assessment

In some situations a solution is not likely to be reached because there are different opinions about the answer to a legal issue. Both parties make an assessment of their case before the court and thereby arrive at such divergent results that this leads to a stalemate. In those situations we can ask a (former) judge to give a pre-court assessment.
The judge concerned then gives his view on the legal issue. This can be in the form of a no-obligation or binding advice.

Good listener, effective

My mediator was a very pleasant person, listens incredibly well, checks things thoroughly and always gives feedback, leaving everyone in his / her worth.

Administrative assistant of a foundation
Very diplomatic

Our mediator was very diplomatic, neutral, and collaborative.

Consultant in a for profit sustainable development organisation
Very competent

Our mediator is very skilled in her profession, explains everything well, has an understanding of all present, am happy to have assigned her as a mediator.

Director / owner in construction

The boss of the process, confronting, honest, perseverance, positive, constructive, humor, perspective.

Director HR international construction company
Made me take a good look at myself

Nice contact, held a mirror up to both parties during the process. Takes information received from both parties into account. Neutral, patient and compassionate at the moments that demand it.

Director of Operations Engineering Office
Fast and by telephone

Mediation was conducted entirely by telephone and went quickly towards exit mediation from the start. It's great how we came to this result by telephone so quickly.

Director technical company
Very capable

The mediator was very capable and could faultlessly ask questions at the critical moments. She played an essential role in breaking through the impasse.

Manager Marketing and Communication of a public service provider
Good assessment of the situation

The mediator made a good assessment of the situation, which was different from what was obvious. She was encouraging, helped me to stay with myself and not just to defend myself and leave me in a negative role force.

Owner Hospitality Branche
Listens between the lines

Resolute lady who knows what she is talking about and can listen well between the lines.

Service provider in the funeral industry

My mediator was sincere, a good listener who managed to get to the heart of the matter. Quiet, attentive and structured he ensured a rapid settlement.

Shoe store owner
Friendly and decisive

Our mediator was friendly and decisive. Knew the finger exactly on the sore spot. Very professional.

General practitioner

Our people

Dominique Maas

Business Mediator, Employment Mediator, Mediator in International Organisations


Paul Smeele

Business Mediator, Employment Mediator, Mediator in International Organisations


Felix Merks

Business Mediator, Directie, Mediator in International Organisations, Partner, Trainer


Elsbeth Snieders

Business Mediator, Employment Mediator, Mediator in International Organisations, Trainer


Question and answer

We are happy to answer all your questions.

How long does a mediation take?

Employment mediation

A employment mediation usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Two conversations are usually conducted during this period. And coordination can take place via e-mail or telephone. Our employer mediators spend an average of 10 hours per mediation.

Business mediation

The duration of a business mediation is difficult to determine in advance. This can happen very quickly, for example when a lawsuit is planned and parties want to find a solution in mediation before that time. But it can also take longer if many parties are involved in the mediation and careful, formal decision-making has to take place. At the start of the process, the mediator makes an estimate of the hours to be spent.

When is there a conflict?

Employment Mediation

This question is often less important than resolving the situation. The definition of a labor dispute is: “two parties, within the boundaries of a labor organization, have a labor dispute if at least one of the parties believes that the other party is obstructing or annoying her. This can be on content of work, labor relations, working conditions or working conditions “. In the mediation we talk about a “matter” or a “situation”.

Business Mediation

Here too, the question of whether or not there is conflict is less important than finding a solution to the situation. When a business relationship gets stuck and too much negative energy is created, a mediator will provide movement. This creates clarity and a picture of the future that all involved can continue to use.

What does a mediation cost?

The hourly rate of the mediator is between € 200 and € 350, depending on the type of conflict and the mediator involved. In an employment mediation, the mediator spends an average of 10 hours. For business mediations, the mediator makes an hourly estimate prior to the mediation.

Who pays for the mediation?

Employment Mediation

Almost all employment mediations are paid by the employer. Under Dutch law the employer is responsible for the working conditions and the associated costs. A labor dispute is considered part of this. It is however also possible for the employee to share in the cost.

Business Mediation

In business mediations, the costs are generally shared by the parties involved. Agreements are made about this before the mediation starts.

What does arbitration cost?

It is not possible to provide a detailed statement of costs in general, because every arbitration is tailor-made. Costs for the arbitration include in any case the hours that are made by the Result ADR secretariat for handling the arbitration and the fees of the arbitrator and of the registrar. Any additional costs are the costs of any witnesses and experts. The costs for an arbitration are generally higher than legal proceedings.

If you are considering arbitration, you can contact us and receive a cost estimate for your specific dispute – without obligation.

Can we have a conversation free of charge?

Feasibility study

You can always get a free telephone feasibility study with one of our mediators. The mediator will then discuss the situation with you and discuss the options he sees. If the mediator thinks that mediation is not a good option, he will say so and you will not be charged for teh conversation.


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