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Mediation & conflict management

Resolving conflicts through negotiation guidance, mediation or arbitration.

Active for more than 20 yearsWe resolve 91% of the conflictsAverage duration of mediation 5.6 weeksMfN Registermediators

Mediation & conflict management

Result Mediation focuses on the solution. With (business) mediation & conflict management, we have a broad experience in matters such as shareholder conflicts, unrest with the Works Council, conflicts in consortia, cooperation problems in the partnership, insurance matters, mergers and acquisitions. Situations that are so complicated that there is no simple solution.

Negotiation guidance, mediation and arbitration

Our specialists resolve conflicts through negotiation guidance, mediation and arbitration. They ensure that that solution is found. With their broad experience, supported by Harvard Negotiation and Legal Mediation, they find solutions that lawyers do not see and that minimize risks and legal fees.

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Mediation & conflict management

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Conflict prevention

Conflicts are not always visible and can take serious forms, especially at the top of an organization.


Result Mediation is the largest office in the field of employment mediation in the Netherlands. Our 35 mediators are located throughout the country and have supervised more than 10,000 mediations in recent years.


Arbitration appears to be a particularly effective instrument for reaching a decision in legal conflicts. Result ADR has been offering arbitration since 2006 under the guidance of experienced and expert arbitrators in accordance with its own Arbitration Rules.

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