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How conflict competent is your organization?

The conflict competence survey is an organizational assessment that helps you measure the effectiveness of your organization to deal with conflict. Conflicts are inevitable. It is a necessary part of any healthy organizational culture to have conflicts around ideas in order to build teams and help turn good ideas into breakthrough new approaches. However the cost of poorly managed conflict is high, resulting in wasted management time, high turnover, absenteeism and lower productivity.

The survey is comprised of the composite of the following five categories. These categories are based on international research and on our extensive experience in the field of conflict management through mediating over 10.000 conflicts in the workplace:

  1. Leadership
  2. Culture
  3. Skills
  4. Resources
  5. Process

How does the survey work?

You are presented with statements and questions where you can respond in 5 ways. You will be asked to what extent these statements and questions relate to the organization that you are testing.

Although individuals may complete the survey to gain greater insight into the value of using the instrument on a broader organizational basis, the real value of this survey is as an organizational measure, not an individual one. Therefore the index scores resulting from a single individual’s responses are of limited value, unless they happen to be representative of the entire organization.

Test your Organizational Conflict Competence

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