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Felix Merks

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Felix Merks, Mediator & facilitator in international organisations

Felix Merks is Director of Result Mediation, the largest Mediation provider in the Netherlands and member of JAMS International. Since its founding in 2004, Result Mediation has successfully mediated over 15.000 business and workplace disputes.

Felix is an experienced mediator, trainer, and consultant in complex negotiations. He is Master of Dispute Resolution (University of Amsterdam, cum laude) and has been educated as a trainer in negotiation strategy and skills at Harvard Law School. Before founding Result Mediation he held various commercial management positions at international companies. He is currently residing in Ankara, Turkey, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Felix Merks

F. Merks speaking

Mr. Merks holds a Master of law (Leyden University, 1997) and a Master of Dispute Resolution (University of Amsterdam, cum laude, 2005). He has been educated as a trainer in negotiation strategy and skills at Harvard Law School.

Before founding Result Mediation he held various commercial management positions in international companies. He is currently residing in Ankara, Turkey and will move to Nicosia, Cyprus summer 2020.

Experiences & specializations

ADR Experience

  • Designs the process and oversees the resolution of challenging and sensitive multi-party disputes with a combination of stakeholder management, scenario planning, negotiation, mediation, pre-court assessment and arbitration.
  • Mediates business disputes involving public companies
  • Advises and coaches a team of expert mediators in resolving business conflicts
  • Designs the process and mediates in employment conflicts in international organizations
  • Mediates in conflicts between companies and local governments
  • Providing Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Management training for commercial and non-profit organizations in the Netherlands, Serbia, Georgia and Turkey.

Representative Matters

Felix Merks has successfully mediated the following complex cases:

  • Dispute over the terms of use of infrastructure in the Dutch telecommunications market
  • Capital disputes between cable companies and primary contractors over labor agreements, contract and payment terms
  • Conflict with political implications over the operation and usage of a municipal harbor between commercial users and the municipality
  • Corporate governance dispute between directors, the supervisory board and the shareholders of a hospitality corporation over the company’s policy and the restructuring of the management team
  • Disagreement between partners of a consultancy firm about buying out partners, and about dividing company assets into two distinct corporate entities
  • Pre-court compensation assessment stemming from unlawful acts of a municipality towards an agricultural company
  • Contractual compensation arrangement between a franchise company and all of its franchisees
  • Dispute between a housing corporation and a real estate investment company about contractual obligations in its joint venture
  • Conflict between multiple telecommunication companies about network access, cost settings, and usage rules for networks
  • Liability concern for a municipality regarding permitting processes for companies located in its harbor
  • Liability concerns for a municipality regarding damage resulting from road improvement
  • Disagreement between shareholders about the direction of the corporation, resulting in the buy out of one of the partners
  • Conflict between company founders, investors and shareholders in a conglomeration, resulting in the divestment of companies according to valuations of the separate corporations and the contributions of the various stakeholders
  • Conflict between partners within a corporate partnership resulting in an agreement about the exit conditions of one of the partners
  • Conflict between shareholders in a corporation resulting in the divestiture of various establishments through an arbitral award
  • Conflict about the functioning of founders, shareholders, and board of directors of a mid sized corporation, resulting in the expansion of the board
  • Conflict about a pay claim of a former CEO of an international non-profit organization
  • Various internal managerial conflicts in national and international organizations

Professional Activities

  • Mediation Expert OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
  • Trainer Mediator Skills Training
  • Trainer Corporate Diplomacy
  • rainer in Negotiating Skills and Strategy
  • Board member of the Dutch Association of Estate Mediators Education
  • Master, Dutch law (Leyden University)
  • Post Graduate certification ADR-specialist/ Legal Mediator (Amsterdam ADR Institute)
  • Master of Dispute Resolution (University of Amsterdam)
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile Certification (Eckerd College, Florida)
  • Settlement Mediation (JAMS, New York)
  • Harvard Negotiation trainer (Harvard Law School, Massachusetts)

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