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Elsbeth Snieders

Elsbeth Snieders

Mediator and trainer
Business MediatorEmployment MediatorMediator in International OrganisationsTrainer

Elsbeth Snieders, (international) Business- and Labor conflicts

  • Businesslike and human
  • Creative and solution focussed
  • knowledgeable and analytic
  • Mediates in English, Spanish and Dutch

Elsbeth Snieders is an experienced mediator with a special interest in negotiation and intercultural dynamics. She started her career as a finance analyst in General Electric’s Financial Management Program. After almost 4 years with GE she made a switch to the Central Bank of the Netherlands (DNB), where she worked for many years in various roles amongst others, as Department Head and Senior Policy Officer. In 2007 Elsbeth completed a Post-Graduate ADR Specialist/Legal Mediator at the Amsterdam ADR Institute. In 2009 she was accredited as an Associate Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre and started working in Singapore as a mediator, assessor and coach. She regularly mediated for Singapore’s Subordinate Court and worked as a consultant for Pluris Value a Singapore based consultant firm in the area of negotiation and change management. Since her return to the Netherlands, Elsbeth has been associated with Result Mediation.

Due to her extensive experience abroad, Elsbeth has worked and lived across 4 continents (oa in the US, Canada, Venezuela, The Netherlands, Germany and Singapore), she has developed an excellent understanding of intercultural dynamics and a special interest in mediating in an international setting.

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Elsbeth Snieders

Mediator and trainer

Experiences & specializations

Examples of mediations

  • Shareholder conflicts, often within family businesses.
  • Commercial conflicts with respect to non adherence of contracts (rent, contracting)
  • Collaboration issues in many different settings, including within teams and in an international and/or intercultural context.
  • Labor conflicts

Relevant experience and additional work

  • Negotiation and Mediation trainer
  • Consultant and coach in the area of negotiation and mediation, ie for HOME – Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics, Singapore
  • Impartial Chairman, for example in post merger talks of a large financial institution
  • Senior Policy Officer and (project) Manager (DNB)
Non of you wants to be stuck in the status quo, so let's get you out of there. Elsbeth Snieders

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