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Marie-Christine Le Bras Henschen

Marie-Christine Le Bras-Henschen

Frankfurt / Köln, Germany
Mediator in International Organisations

Marie-Christine Le Bras-Henschen, mediator in international organisations

Marie-Christine Le Bras-Henschen is a mediator and consultant in organization development and negotiation. Educated in mediation at Heidelberg University with the Heidelberger Institut für Mediation, and at inmedio Frankfurt for the specifics of organization mediation, she was trained for consulting by Trigon Munich.

She holds a degree in law by the University of Rennes in France. In her 28 years of residence in Germany, she worked at the law school Erlangen-Nürnberg and for a law firm, before turning towards mediation and consulting. Marie-Christine works in French and German.

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Marie-Christine Le Bras-Henschen

Frankfurt / Köln, Germany

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