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Hanno van Gemund mediator

Hanno van Gemund

Nairobi, Kenia
Mediator in International Organisations

Hanno van Gemund, mediator in international organisations

Hanno van Gemund is a lawyer and trained mediator with extensive experience as a humanitarian professional. He started his professional career as an attorney at law specialized in environmental and administrative law in 1999, and litigated and negotiated on behalf of companies and private individuals with government authorities. He joined the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR in 2005 and worked on humanitarian policy and active crisis operations in Yemen, Turkey, Somalia and Brussels until 2018, building up solid expertise in diverse team management, advocacy, coordination and external relations.

Hanno is regarded a natural bridge-builder and team player who is passionate about mediation and mobilizing support for a common cause. His work for UNHCR involved frequent negotiations with government authorities to protect refugee rights and mediations between refugee representatives and host communities. He is also a strong trainer and facilitator, as he regularly conducted capacity-building of UN staff, NGO teams and government counterparts.

Hanno is now based in Nairobi working as a mediator and facilitator for embassies, NGOs and international organizations, covering the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region.

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Hanno van Gemund

Nairobi, Kenia

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