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Monique Janmaat

Monique Janmaat


Monique Janmaat

  • MSc Pscyhology, Utrecht
  • Extensive international management and training experience
  • Lead trainer for Result Mediation on intercultural relationships
  • Accredited instructor Deep democracy, lead ESA intercultural program
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Monique Janmaat

Monique Janmaat speaking

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by how people interact and work together. That is why I graduated in organisational psychology.  And that is also why I do what I do: I facilitate collaboration and learning for individuals, teams, organisations and systems to help them improve performance and accomplish their goals. My training and facilitation assignments are related to strategic planning, leadership, dealing with diversity, intercultural collaboration, organisational change, training and facilitation, all aimed at developing people, organisations and the wider environment. I have been based in Tanzania since 1999, and I work in many different countries across a diversity of cultures and interests. In 2019 I moved partly back to the Netherlands.

In my approach I like to bring different (groups) of people together and create space for a real dialogue exploring diversity and differences before finding common ground and making decisions. It is important for me that all the voices are heard, even if they are
very different from the mainstream. I am an accredited Deep Democracy trainer for inclusive decision-making. I aim at to increase self-management, not only during my interventions, but also afterwards. Raising awareness and making use of what is already present, successful and effective provides a solid foundation for improvement and change.

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