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wilfried kerntke mediator

Wilfried Kerntke

Frankfurt / Köln, Germany
Mediator in International Organisations

Dr. Wilfried Kerntke, Mediator & facilitator in international organisations

Dr. Wilfried Kerntke, born in 1954, is a senior consultant in organization development (Trigon Graz), with an emphasis on conflict treatment. A certified mediator and mediation teacher (Bundesverband Mediation), he works for clients in Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa. He supports the re-shaping of organizations through a wise use of their conflicts.

His publications focus on the dynamics and the treatment of corporate conflicts. In 1997 he founded, with L.Wüstehube, the inmedio consultancy, which has been successful on the market ever since. Wilfried works in French, English, Italian and German.

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Wilfried Kerntke

Frankfurt / Köln, Germany

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