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Olga Rote

Zakelijke mediator
Employment MediatorBusiness Mediator

Business Mediator with Years of Experience

  • 30 years of experience as a lawyer
  • MfN-registered mediator since 2008
  • Specialized in business mediations

Olga Rote is a business mediator at Result ADR. Olga is involved in mediations in labor conflicts, dismissal cases, collaboration issues within teams and partnerships, boardroom issues (management and supervisory boards), and partner and shareholder disputes. She is known for her speed, decisiveness, and ability to create a solution-oriented atmosphere. Olga mediates in both Dutch and English and has been an MfN-registered mediator since 2008.

In addition, Olga has been working as a lawyer for 30 years. She has extensive experience in labor and dismissal law and often works at the intersection of labor law and corporate law, such as in mergers, business transfers, and works councils. Her many years of experience as a lawyer make her a well-rounded mediator.

Furthermore, Olga is a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN) and the Dutch Association of Labor Mediators. She gives webinars and courses on labor law, mediation, and negotiation. She is a supervisor at Stichting de Haardstee, which supports people with intellectual and/or psychiatric disabilities. She is also an independent chairperson on Complaints Committees and an LVV-registered confidential advisor.

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Olga Rote

Zakelijke mediator
"Finding a solution begins with listening to all parties. Only then can we build a constructive and sustainable outcome together." O. Rote

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